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Stacking Rings

Layered Gold Necklaces

Platinum Wedding RIngs

Custom Pendant Set

Bi-Color Tourmaline + Sapphire

Opal + Diamonds In Gold

Bi-Colored Tourmaline + Sapphire

Gold + Green Diamond

Diamond Pendant w/Tooled Edge

Green Onyx Spear Amulet

Gold Studs With Green Diamonds

Blue Green Sapphire Ring

Gold + Diamond Pendants

Gold + Diamond Solitaire Ring

Gold + Silver Diamond Ring

Rose Gold + Pink Diamond Ring

Gold + Diamond Solitaire Ring

Gold + Diamond Chevron Earrings

Rose + Brilliant Cut Diamond Pendant

Canary Yellow Sapphire Eternity Ring

Handmade Gold Chain

Gold + Champagne Diamond Pendant

Blue Green Sapphire Cluster Pendant

Platinum + Diamond Engagement Ring

Handmade Gold Chains

Spike Pendant With Tsavorite Stones

Green Beryl Pyramide Pendant

Opal+Sapphire+Garnet Drizzle Pendant

Black Diamond Shield Ring

Gem Clusters I

Gemstone Samples

Blue Green Sapphire Cluster

Blue Green Sapphire Pendant

Cocktail Earrings

Grey Sapphire Spray Ring

White Sapphire Cluster Pendant

Rhodolite Garnet Ring

Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant

Green Opal + Sapphire Pendant

Gem Clusters II

Wave Rings

Pink Sapphire Eternity Ring

Rose + Brilliant Cut Sapph. Pendant

Opal + Bi-Colored Sapphire Pendant

Blue Green Sapphire Pendant

Purple Spinel Tassel

Diamonds Cupped in Gold

Grey + Orange Sapphire Pendant

Circle Packing Ring w/Moonstone

Circle Packing Pendant

Cupped Sapphire On Leather Cord

Circle Packing Bracelet

Tanzanite + Moonstone Spiral Ring

Forged Chain Necklace

Chainmaille Bracelet

Handmade Chain With Diamond Beads

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Handmade Gold Chains