Care Instruction

Hnoss Design Oxidized Pod Earrings With Gold Ear Wires

I hope you'll enjoy your new jewel for years to come!

Her are some tips to help you do that. To minimize tarnish simply wear it a lot and care for it a little.

When you are not wearing your jewelry, store it in a dry container. By cleaning them regularly your jewels will remain sparkly good looking for a long time. Use a mild soap and water on a soft brush and gently scrub. For especially stubborn tarnish add a little baking soda to the soap mixture. Rinse well, dry off and ¡voila! it's just like new.

If your silver jewelry is oxidized for design effect, do not use a polishing cloth, silver cleaner, etc. It will remove the blackened finish.

.....thanks for wearing Hnoss Design