Hege Myhre, my story

Hege Myhre Self Portrait
Hnoss Design Creative Director Jewelry Studio

Born and raised in the beautiful country of Norway, I spent my youth soaking in stunning natural surroundings. My design inspiration draws from my Scandinavian roots and borrow from its minimalist design movement. I have formal training in metal arts from Parsons School of Design and FIT in New York City and have since worked many years in the field as a bench jeweler, making models and executing prototypes for studio jewelers. Two years ago I decided to switch gears. I now run a one woman jewelry operation from a studio in Manhattan, just a few subway stops from the Diamond District where I get my supplies.

Through a process of intuition and experimentation I aim to craft visually clean wearable objects. My goal is focused on realizing unique pieces with a distinct stamp that maintain simplicity and can stand the test of time. Whether a one-of-a-kind or a production piece, my work is made mostly from milled raw stock that is cut, hand fabricated and arranged into uncomplicated geometric and free from shapes to produce effortless jewelry pieces. The collections are created by me, from concept to completion and bears a strong imprint of my hand.

The story behind the name:

In Norse mythology, Hnoss is the daughter of Freya and Odin. She was so ravishingly good looking that her name became synonymous with everything enchanting. The word hnoss was used in referring to a treasure or jewel. I love this story and can easily envision the mesmerizing beauty that Hnoss possessed. I named my company Hnoss Design because of my Scandinavian roots, it's intrinsic meaning and the relevance to my work. But most of all I aim to make jewelry beautiful like Hnoss!

Hege Myhre in her hometown Sandefjord, Norway watching Viking Ships Sailing Parade